Bob Kessels

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Bob is a professional drummer and percussionist from The Netherlands, with 10+ years of teaching experiences in Holland, Germany and the UK.

During his Bachelor of Music degree at the Rock Academy (NL) he moved to London for an internship at the renowned Urban Soul Orchestra, to then move back after his graduation and join the folk rock band The Gulls. With this London based folk rock band he started touring at the end of January 2020. During the corona pandemic they started their ‘Impossible Tour’; touring during a crisis, in a time when everything was shut down. This tour got picked up by national television & radio (Sky Sports News/BBC Radio) and in between these tours he always kept teaching.

Currently, Bob is playing for Berlin & London based soul rock band Steppers Division, London based folk/psychedelic rock band Fire In Her Eyes and does session work for several Berlin and London based artists and bands.

Bob Kessels

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