Piano, Guitar and Singing Lesson London

In Partnership with London School of Music we provide Guitar, Bass, Vocal and Piano lessons to students of all ages and levels at our studios located in Farringdon. For more information please visit www.londonschoolofmusic.co.uk.

Piano Tuition

At London School of Music we tailor your piano lessons to your needs. Whether you want to learn Popular Music or you want a classical training, our teachers are highly qualified tutors that provide effective teaching for all. We provide a distinctly personalised approach to each student ensuring piano technique maximises physical dexterity to enhance the creativity and freedom of each interpreter so they are able to transfer skills to any genre and style.  Lessons are also an invaluable tool to discover music theory, composition and arranging in a practical and meaningful way.  Preparation for relevant examinations is also available.

Guitar & Bass Tuition

Whether you are at the beginning of your guitar career or already performing live, we will provide you with the tools to take your playing to the next level. Our lessons are fun, supportive and cover different styles such as Rock, Jazz, Pop, Classical and everything in between. Including preparation for the exam boards if needed.

You will be provided with the ability of not only playing any song or style you like, but also with the capacity to come up with your own compositions, improvise and play in a band.

Vocal Tuition

Singing is a passion and we truly believe that with consistent study and exercise people can learn it. At London School of Music we are not just teaching how to sing, but also how to breath and control your voice to maximise your vocal range.

Our singing lessons cover a variety of styles, from Jazz, Pop and Rock to Soul, Blues and much more. By learning with us you will be able to make the most of your abilities as a singer and performer. We also offer preparation for exam boards.  


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